Intranet is more than just a "dry" database for an organization

Intranet is more than just a "dry" database for an organization

  • Jul 20
  • Admin

More than 84 percent of Lithuanian communications professionals say they use the intranet for internal communication. More than 30 percent of organizations use their own software solutions, with nearly 41 percent using third-party software. Still, over 40 percent of respondents said that other communication tools could be used to support internal communication.

Many organizations use such channels as internal page (intranet), internal social networks (relevant if employees do not work at the computer), internal newsletters, meetings to ensure internal communication. They form a set of communication channels that help bring key news and knowledge to employees.

The intranet is probably one of the most effective internal communication tools today. It is a tool that makes it easier to distribute information more quickly, especially if your intranet is configured as a home page. Because all employees will be forced to open it and accordingly see the latest information. Of course, there are other effective communication channels, but they usually require additional connection or distraction from the main work screen.

However, to make an intranet more efficient, it is not enough to have a working system alone or to put an awkward content management system on a cumbersome database. An intranet, like a corporate page, is a business card of a company. If it's ugly, outdated, or has an inflexible content management system, of course, its traffic will be minimal. The intranet should also look modern, “lively” and attract employees to a more active interest in the internal life of the organization.

Many organizations are struggling to create news format pages on older systems that are not adapted for this purpose. Publicas offers its customers who need an efficient internal intranet page a fully prepared intranet template.

This would be a kind of gateway to the organization. Modern, adapted for live communication, the essence of which is more news from the life of the organization. At the same time, the system is adapted for each employee to find the most necessary information related to the company: document forms, internal procedures, information for newcomers. Opportunity to participate in a survey or publicly thank colleagues. External access to internal databases or internal CRM is provided, without loading the intranet itself.

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