Publicas develops specialized software solutions for communication industry professionals

Publicas develops specialized software solutions for communication industry professionals

  • Sep 14
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71% of the professionals working in the communications industry use the tools of different developers to complete their daily tasks; also, these software products are not connected at all. Meanwhile, around 60% have mentioned that their performance would be more efficient if a unified ecosystem of project management could be used. Finally, more than 70% claimed that an appropriate and well-built approach towards the overall organisation of tasks would be their priority.

These are the results of the survey of the communications professionals in Europe, conducted by Publicas, a new brand of software solutions developer that specialises in the creation of software solutions for the professionals in PR and Communications. The results of this survey have also revealed that even though the well-organized project management is important for professionals in this industry, only a small part of them are working with designed software tools.

The specialists of public relations and communications suffer the most. For example, employees in IT are working according to the methodology of agile, whereas the professionals of commerce have CRM and marketers can take advantage of various solutions of project management and customer behavior analysis. Meanwhile, the professionals of communications do not have any unified solutions, adapted specifically for them. Usually, existing solutions are separated and not interacting. In other words, they can help in completing a particular task, yet there is no unified base of project and client management," says Germanas Kavalskis, the Head of Business Development at Publicas.

According to Mr. Kavalskis, the professionals in PR and Communications have a demand for the multifaceted system of project and team management. Also, it should be suitable not only for freelancers but also for employees in agencies or in-house corporate communications teams. Most importantly, one tool should help these people to manage different projects as well as the tasks of different teams. As the latest survey has shown, most specialists are working with either Microsoft Office or other solutions with limited opportunities.

"A unified ecosystem of project management and analysis will make the task completion more efficient when it comes to the professionals in communications. Also, such an ecosystem will allow project managers to track any performance of the team in a smoother manner. Finally, it is crucial that all clients will be able to see any type of analytics by themselves. As weird as it sounds, the experts of communications are helping their clients to build a modern and innovative image, yet work with the technologies from the last century. We hope that our solutions will fit the needs of both freelancers and the communications teams in large organisations", - claims Igor Katin, the Head of IT at Publicas.

Publicas offers a number of specialised software solutions for business clients. The company is actively developing the tools of internal communications; also, a fully-functional and modern template of an intranet can be offered. The latter service is especially relevant for the companies that focus on internal communications. The representatives of Publicas notice that many organization attempts to create their internal pages on outdated systems, which are not designed for such solutions. As a result, the goals of internal communications are not always realized appropriately.

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