Why intranet is the sign of a healthy organization?

Why intranet is the sign of a healthy organization?

  • Aug 17
  • Admin

Effective work of a rare organization is possible without properly established internal communication. And we are talking not only about the functioning of internal processes, but also about the dissemination of information, motivation and employee engagement. Because it is the employees who will be the first to form a positive or negative opinion about their organization.

However, good wishes or beautiful advertising posters are not enough to properly familiarize employees with the inner life of the organization. Effective communication tools are also needed to ensure internal communication.

Many organizations use a variety of channels to improve internal communication, including an internal page (intranet), internal social media (useful if employees do not use computers), internal newsletters, meetings. They form a complete set of communication channels.

Today, the intranet remains the main communication tool, as shown by the results of a survey of Lithuanian communication specialists. Over 84% say they use the intranet for internal communication. More than 30 percent use their own software solutions, and almost 41 percent use third-party software.

About 60 percent of respondents emphasized that functionality is important to them when choosing an intranet, almost 25% emphasized the possibility of posting internal news or attractiveness of the design. If the intranet has the ability to upload not only text but also photos, it makes it a "live" tool.

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